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Boris Johnson is now risking the Brexit chaos – Brexit explained

A trade agreement with the EU is not in sight. British authorities act out the emergency – the German economy sounds the alarm. Now things could get really bad (...)

European parliamentarians are threatening to break off the negotiations – Brexit explained

Struggles and a possible violation of the exit agreement – the tone between the EU and the British in the negotiations on the future free trade agreement is getting (...)

Johnson in the House of Commons: From „Mr. Brexit“ to „Mr. U-Turn“ – Brexit explained

In the past few weeks, the British prime minister had also been sharply criticized from within his own ranks for many changes in course in the corona policy. In (...)

EU pledges € 400 million for „vaccine for all“ – EU explained

The EU wants to support a vaccine alliance with the participation of the World Health Organization with 400 million euros. Commission President von der Leyen wants to give poorer (...)

Le Drian condems London´s unrealistic incredibility – Brexit explained

With the fateful date of October 31 approaching rapidly, the State Department slams its fist on the table. Until death. Negotiations between the European Union and London on how (...)

An independent Scotland would be problematic – Brexit explained

Nicola Sturgeon promises a second independence referendum. Scotland can however afford to go it alone less than ever. The Scottish ruling party SNP wants to hold a second independence (...)

Heiko Maas: The EU will never pursue the “Europe First” concept – EU explained

According to the Foreign Minister, the international community needs international cooperation. Major challenges could only be met through cross-border cooperation. According to Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, Europe will not (...)

UK shipping agents warning of disater after Brexit transitional phase – Brexit explained

The supply chains between Great Britain and the EU are likely to be severely disrupted from 2021 if a solution is not found soon, logistics organizations warned in a (...)

EU insists on veto right in Brexit negotiations – Brexit explained

EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier has called for the EU to have the right to veto certain laws. London describes the demands as unrealistic. In the Brexit negotiations, according (...)

How is a law created in Germany? – German Politics explained

Both the federal government and the Bundestag and Bundesrat have the so-called right of initiative – the right to submit a new law to a vote. Since the founding (...)

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