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International trade and Brexit – Brexit explained

Dr. Thomas Sampson is one of the participants in The UK in a Changing Europe’s Academic in the Spotlight series His interest in international trade initially stemmed from a (...)

Things are going wrong in the UK right now – Brexit explained

Brexit brought Boris Johnson to power. The British voted for him in December because he convinced them that he would finally implement the exit from the EU. Nobody could (...)

Brexit and the UK drinks industry – Brexit explained

The UK wine and spirit industry is global and must remain so. It’s worth over £49 billion in economic activity and supports over 350,000 jobs. The UK is the (...)

Austria is anything but generous in terms of unemployment benefits – European Politics explained

Economic liberals call for reform. Benefits are to be reduced for the long-term unemployed. A look at the figures shows, however, that there can be no talk of lush. (...)

Brexit and Frankfurt office leasing – wish and reality – Brexit explained

BREXIT officially took place on February 1, 2020, three and a half years after the referendum in mid-2016. In addition to the dismay at the British exit from the (...)

Exacerbating regional inequalities: the economic impact of Brexit – Brexit explained

Legally, Brexit became a political reality on February 1, 2020. Yet, economically, Brexit is only set to happen only from January 1, 2021 as the transition period comes to (...)

In Sweden, too, the economy is slumping due to Corona – European Politics explained

The economic figures in Sweden for the second quarter in the Corona crisis are as bad as they were 40 years ago – but better than in other EU (...)

British expatriates and the anti-Brexit backlash – Brexit explained

New research shows a dramatic increase in the number of Britons who are choosing to quit the UK for countries in the European Union. Overall, the rate of migration (...)

Bargain fish – EU and UK are following a hard line here – Brexit explained

The EU and Great Britain are trying to put their relationship on a new footing with an agreement after Brexit. The fishing rights are economically insignificant, but they have (...)

Serbia buys modern air defense system in China – European Politics explained

Serbia is modernizing its armed forces, relying on two main suppliers: the People’s Republic of China and Russia. The most recent weapon purchase, as it appears in the annual (...)

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