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  • Brexit (English)

UK-Japan negotiations suffer severe setback – Brexit explained

The Japanese trade agreement has been hit hard as Tokyo demands that Britain make a major compromise. The BREXIT negotiations between Britain and Japan have suffered a severe blow (...)

Fishing is a symbol of Johnson: Tiny industry endangers Brexit deal – Brexit explained

A short while ago, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was optimistic that he would conclude a trade agreement with the EU by July. This goal is now a long (...)

No „Tiger in the Tank“ – Brexit explained

Metaphorically and optimistically, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that he would reach an early agreement with the EU. But nothing comes of it. Negotiations on a free trade agreement (...)

No sovereign British at all – Brexit explained

The Russia report, which has been kept under wraps for a long time, and how China is dealt with show how Prime Minister Boris Johnson is driven. Britain could (...)

Amazon announces changes to orders shipped via the European Shipping Network – Brexit explained

The United Kingdom will inevitably leave the European Union on January 1, 2021 after the option to extend the deadline has not been chosen. What exactly the future relationship (...)

Brexit report in London: danger from Russia ignored – Brexit explained

After some delays, the report on Russia’s role in Brexit has been published in London. The conclusion: whether Russia really had an influence remains unclear. The report makes serious (...)

No UK – US trade deal by end of year – Brexit explained

The UK government has abandoned hopes of reaching a trade deal with America ahead of the US presidential election in November, with British officials blaming the Covid-19 pandemic for (...)

The long first year of Prime Minister Boris Johnson – Brexit explained

When Boris Johnson took over the post of prime minister before what felt like an eternity, which according to the calendar actually only lasted a year, he had two (...)

Probably a more negative Brexit result to come – Brexit explained

As late as January, German finance specialists argued that Britain would likely end its transitional arrangement with the European Union by the end of this year either under the (...)

For smooth trade: European Goods Trade after Brexit – Brexit explained

In 2019, trade in goods between the United Kingdom (UK) and the other Member States of the European Union (EU27) was 511.8 billion euros. Brexit will have a lasting (...)

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