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  • Brexit (English)

The port of Rotterdam is ready for Brexit – is it? – Brexit explained

From January 1, 2021, all freight traffic between the European Union and the United Kingdom will be subject to customs formalities. The port of Rotterdam is well prepared for (...)

Business fears failure of post-Brexit negotiations – Brexit explained

There is growing concern in the German economy that the post-Brexit negotiations between the European Union and Great Britain will fail. Without a trade agreement, the introduction of tariffs, (...)

Brexit and the EURO clearing business – Brexit explained

Despite the UK’s exit from the EU, the London Stock Exchange LSE is still ahead in the euro clearing business. The fact that the clearing of euro-denominated financial derivatives (...)

Aid to the EU: US Democrats warn Johnson of Brexit maneuvers – Brexit explained

The Brexiteers have high hopes for a trade agreement with the United States – but Boris Johnson is now facing strong headwinds from Washington of all places: Top Democrats (...)

What changed in customs and taxes on February 1st 2020? – Brexit explained

The United Kingdom left the European Union on January 31, 2020. After the divorce agreement, it is now officially a non-EU country and therefore no longer takes part in (...)

Now Brussels is responding to Johnson’s provocation – Brexit explained

The EU Commission calls for a special meeting on the Brexit bill. Meanwhile, the bulldozer behavior of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is puzzling – and could lead to (...)

Brexit negotiations the English way: Boris Longstocking – Brexit explained

Contract is contract? Not for Boris Johnson. The British Prime Minister uses the ultimate provocation in the struggle with the EU. Another autumn of displeasure threatens Europe. At the (...)

4Com solves the Brexit bottleneck with the help of Itenos – Brexit explained

4Com, specialist in contact center software and a partner of Telekom Deutschland GmbH, had to act quickly: A customer affected by Brexit was forced to switch to data center (...)

Boris Johnson is now risking the Brexit chaos – Brexit explained

A trade agreement with the EU is not in sight. British authorities act out the emergency – the German economy sounds the alarm. Now things could get really bad (...)

European parliamentarians are threatening to break off the negotiations – Brexit explained

Struggles and a possible violation of the exit agreement – the tone between the EU and the British in the negotiations on the future free trade agreement is getting (...)

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