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  • EU explained

EU rules are intended to prevent emissions scandals – EU explained

In September 2015, it was announced that Volkswagen had massively refined the emission values ​​of diesel cars. To this day, vehicle owners are fighting for compensation. With stricter controls (...)

Life is most expensive in these EU countries – EU explained

In most of the neighboring countries, life is much more expensive than in Germany. These are the EU countries with the highest cost of living If you want to (...)

EU pledges € 400 million for „vaccine for all“ – EU explained

The EU wants to support a vaccine alliance with the participation of the World Health Organization with 400 million euros. Commission President von der Leyen wants to give poorer (...)

Heiko Maas: The EU will never pursue the “Europe First” concept – EU explained

According to the Foreign Minister, the international community needs international cooperation. Major challenges could only be met through cross-border cooperation. According to Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, Europe will not (...)

EU reconstruction fund rails and chairs for Italy – EU explained

Spain and Italy are the main beneficiaries of the EU’s reconstruction fund. How can you invest well? The news from southern Europe is oppressive: empty beaches in Italy, new (...)

Why the EU is so dependent on free movement? – EU explained

The limitation initiative calls for negotiations to terminate the free movement of people. The timing for this is inconvenient and the issue is delicate. There are economic reasons for (...)

Very few young people are unemployed in these EU countries – EU explained

The Corona crisis hits young workers particularly hard. They are much more likely to be unemployed than other professionals. Some EU countries, however, keep the youth unemployment rate particularly (...)

Sustainable corporate governance: EU Commission presents study and road map – EU explained

On July 31, 2020, the EU Commission published a study on sustainable corporate governance and the duties of company management, which shows that listed companies in the EU continue (...)

Life is cheapest in these EU countries – EU explained

A lot of money can be saved by moving to another EU country. It is true that the Germans get away comparatively cheap when it comes to the cost (...)

EU operation: Frigate „Hamburg“ dispatched – EU explained

250 soldiers started on Tuesday morning from Wilhelmshaven on their mission off the Libyan coast. On board the frigate „Hamburg“ they take part in the EU mission „Irini“. Its (...)

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