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How Great Britain goes on the offensive in terms of foreign policy after Brexit – Brexit explained

After Brexit, Boris Johnson’s government has positioned itself on the world stage as an independent actor who does not duck back to autocratic countries. But the new self-confidence is (...)

Post-Brexit deal: Barnier calls for British concessions – Brexit explained

Michel Barnier again called on the UK on Wednesday to accommodate the EU and compromise on state aid, fisheries and governance. However, he also warned that the EU would (...)

Unionism, Conservative thinking and Brexit – Brexit explained

Support for the integrity of the United Kingdom has long been regarded by commentators on British politics as a core element of the Conservative party’s political identity. But the (...)

Hard Brexit: The consequences for patents, trademarks and designs – Brexit explained

The United Kingdom left the EU on January 31, 2020. The transition period, during which the UK remains part of the customs union and the internal market, ends at (...)

Brexit: EU wants equal rights in road transport – Brexit explained

After the seventh round of talks on a Brexit agreement with representatives of Great Britain, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier was deeply disappointed and concerned. The bottom line was (...)

For Boris Johnson it will probably only be enough for a „Muddle-Through-Brexit“ – Brexit explained

While the world is worried about the second corona wave, Great Britain is – still – struggling with leaving the EU. According to a new bank analysis, the country (...)

Hard Brexit would hit the German carmaker seriously – Brexit explained

It is getting tight for the British to reach an agreement with the European Union, time is running out. This creates nervousness and uncertainty on both sides. Professor Rolf (...)

No deal preparations will be relevant even if a deal is struck – Brexit explained

Professor Anand Menon from UK in a changing Europe commented on the no deal preparations and their relevance. They’re all at it now. Following the report that the working assumption among (...)

German companies are arming themselves for an emergency – Brexit explained

It was a historic day when Robert Rank was in London. On June 23, 2016, the day of the referendum on Brexit, he attended a ceremony at which British (...)

This label fled to Berlin before Brexit – in the middle of the corona crisis – Brexit explained

Matt Fidler wanted to escape the uncertainties of Brexit with his guitar music label Thrill Jockey. And ended up in completely different ones. A perfectly normal summer afternoon at (...)

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