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A “No Deal 2.0” would be devastating for Great Britain – Brexit explained

Talks on relations between London and Brussels are not moving forward. British Prime Minister Johnson is playing a dangerous game. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has had a disastrous (...)

Liechtenstein: Small country big achievements – European Politics explained

Liechtenstein is one of the smallest nations in the world. The principality in the heart of Europe shows very respectable achievements for its size. The further development of women’s (...)

The clock doesn’t tick forever! – Brexit explained

In the EU there is growing frustration with the British course London and Brussels have expressed their disappointment at the lack of progress in negotiating an agreement for the (...)

How a mafia cell laundered money in Liechtenstein – European Politics explained

According to the investigation files, the millions of a Mafia clan should have flowed through an account in Liechtenstein. The handcuffs clicked for 76 members of the ‘Ndrangheta mafia (...)

The UK-Internal Market – Brexit explained

As part of the Brexit process, the UK Government has been undertaking a review of the UK ‘single market’ or ‘internal market’. The premise is that, when the UK (...)

Netherlands: Every third dairy farmer will get out – European Politics explained

By 2030, the number of dairy farms in the Netherlands could drop from 15,000 to 10,000. The Dutch dairy group FrieslandCampina is predicting these and other structural changes. By (...)

A Brexity cabinet secretary? – Brexit explained

The appointment of a new cabinet secretary – Great Britain’s top domestic civil servant – is imminent. Sir Mark Sedwill will step down at the end of September – a move (...)

Very few young people are unemployed in these EU countries – EU explained

The Corona crisis hits young workers particularly hard. They are much more likely to be unemployed than other professionals. Some EU countries, however, keep the youth unemployment rate particularly (...)

Brexit and Ireland/Northern Ireland’s Constitutional Future – Brexit explained

Brexit has challenged all aspects of politics, economy and society on the island of Ireland. For Northern Ireland in particular, the UK vote to leave the EU has been (...)

Brexit talks: the long search for the thin compromise – Brexit explained

Deal or no deal, that was the question in the Brexit talks for a long time. At the end of July, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier said it was (...)

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