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Senator criticism of Trump: „This is a slap in the face of Germany“ – German Politics explained

President Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Germany has also met with criticism in the United States – and not just among the opposition Democrats. Congress could still stop (...)

Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine want to work more closely together – European Politics explained

The Lublin Triangle is intended to strengthen relations with each other, with the EU and NATO. The focus is on security and economic issues – and how to deal (...)

Brexit is approaching – dealing with English limited companies in Germany – Brexit explained

The withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union at the end of this year creates a number of legal problems. One (...)

The new Bundeswehr volunteer service „Your year for Germany“ – German Politics explained

German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer presented the new voluntary service in the Bundeswehr. Their goal: „Promoting cohesion – that’s what the Bundeswehr is all about.“ The new service is (...)

Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus – how neighbors became strangers – European Politics explained

There are three countries that have developed their own dynamic – for example in Aachen or Basel. Not so the region between Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus with its eventful (...)

Brexit fans have no regrets: how Britain looks at the EU summit – Brexit explained

British EU critics see the EU’s corona bailout as confirmation of their fears. Great Britain is distancing itself from its European partners in the pandemic – and discussions with (...)

Confusing diversity: travel restrictions in the EU – EU explained

Germany wants compulsory tests, Sweden lets everyone in. Travel rules in the EU are confusingly diverse. Where are the risk areas and who defines them? Germany is advancing within (...)

Turkey yes, Belgium no – How sensible is the division into risk areas? – European Politics explained

The List of risk areas is not particularly transparent. It is obviously also a political decision. For example, there is travel advice for Catalonia, but not for Antwerp. In (...)

British farmers hope for Brussels – Brexit explained

The transition phase of Brexit continues until the end of the year. But the farmers in the kingdom are already worried about the time afterwards. It is about hundreds (...)

European Union imposes sanctions on hackers – EU explained

Hackers have caused significant financial damage in the EU. Russia and China are often assumed to be the masterminds. The EU has now imposed sanctions for the first time. (...)

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