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EU – Morocco: Sustainable fisheries partnership agreement – EU explained

The current sustainable fisheries partnership agreement concluded between the EU and Morocco entered into force on 18 July 2019 and is tacitly renewed. Its first implementing protocol has a (...)

European Minister of State accuses London of disregarding previous agreements – Brexit explained

According to German Minister of State Roth, Great Britain shows little interest in talking to the EU about foreign and security policy after Brexit. He calls for „more realism (...)

Researchers are pushing for a Brexit deal „Time is running out“ – Brexit explained

Researchers are calling for a compromise so that Great Britain can continue to participate in the EU research program in the future. The EU and Great Britain must agree (...)

The EU Commission’s 2020 work program has met with mixed feedback – EU explained

President Dr. Ursula von der Leyen and her work program of the EU Commission for 2020, presented on January 30, has received a mixed response in the Bundestag. The (...)

British emigrate to Europe – Brexit explained

First Britain is leaving Europe, now the British are leaving the United Kingdom – and heading for Europe. Many apply for German citizenship. Since the Brexit referendum in June (...)

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: „The external borders must work“ – EU explained

A new EU platform is to be created in Vienna. It is intended to improve coordination with the Western Balkans. German Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer meanwhile hopes for (...)

Customs union or Schengen? Gibraltar after Brexit – Brexit explained

For the ‚rock‘, free border traffic is something extremely important. No one can currently estimate what the situation would be like without an agreement. The Rock – that´s what (...)

Trump’s new man in Berlin appears like the destroyer of the West – German Politics explained

Douglas Macgregor not only has something against Muslims, Trump’s new man in Berlin also believes that the Third Reich played a crucial role in the defense of the West. (...)

Cyprus blocks trade deal over Halloumi cheese – EU explained

The parliament in Cyprus has not ratified the Ceta agreement between the EU and Canada. The Cypriot Halloumi cheese is not adequately protected. The new European-Canadian economic and trade (...)

Italy increases soldiers on the border with Slovenia – European Politics explained

In view of increasing migration flows from Slovenia to Italy, the Italian government has announced that it will send an additional contingent of soldiers to Friuli. This means that (...)

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