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Corona in ex-Yugoslavia: Like in wartime – European Politics explained

Croatia and Slovenia make it difficult for Serbs and Bosnians to cross the border. The reason for this is the rapidly increasing number of infections. Many people in Bosnia (...)

British banks should urgently prepare for Brexit – Brexit explained

The Brexit transition period ends at the end of the year. European banking supervisors are therefore urging British banks to prepare urgently. The European Banking Authority (EBA) has urged (...)

EU agrees to respond to China – EU explained

The EU countries want to jointly react to China’s controversial approach in Hong Kong. According to information from the German Press Agency, the decision-making process for a package of (...)

Crowded refugee camps in Greece – Germany once again welcomes sick children – European Politics explained

In order to relieve overcrowded refugee camps on the Greek islands, the Federal Republic of Germany accepts minors. Now another group of sick children should fly to Germany. The (...)

UK-Japan negotiations suffer severe setback – Brexit explained

The Japanese trade agreement has been hit hard as Tokyo demands that Britain make a major compromise. The BREXIT negotiations between Britain and Japan have suffered a severe blow (...)

EU wants to fight child abuse – EU explained

The European Union has developed into a hub for child pornography. The Commission wants to take action now. But Facebook could undermine the plans. The German Federal Criminal Police (...)

A year after she resigned: What is Theresa May actually doing? – European Politics explained

Theresa May wanted to steer Britain through Brexit. A year ago she resigned as Prime Minister in tears. Now she could forget the dark times. In the end the (...)

Fishing is a symbol of Johnson: Tiny industry endangers Brexit deal – Brexit explained

A short while ago, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was optimistic that he would conclude a trade agreement with the EU by July. This goal is now a long (...)

EU rejects grants to Polish cities for LGBTI discrimination – EU explained

Six municipalities in Poland are not allowed to participate in a town twinning program. According to the EU Commission, they had declared themselves „LGBTI ideology-free zones“. Because of its (...)

ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: „The external borders must work“ – EU explained

A new EU platform is to be created in Vienna. It is intended to improve coordination with the Western Balkans. German Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer meanwhile hopes for (...)

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