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Trump’s new man in Berlin appears like the destroyer of the West – German Politics explained

Douglas Macgregor not only has something against Muslims, Trump’s new man in Berlin also believes that the Third Reich played a crucial role in the defense of the West. (...)

Cyprus blocks trade deal over Halloumi cheese – EU explained

The parliament in Cyprus has not ratified the Ceta agreement between the EU and Canada. The Cypriot Halloumi cheese is not adequately protected. The new European-Canadian economic and trade (...)

Italy increases soldiers on the border with Slovenia – European Politics explained

In view of increasing migration flows from Slovenia to Italy, the Italian government has announced that it will send an additional contingent of soldiers to Friuli. This means that (...)

MEPs warn British Prime Minister Johnson of economic crash – Brexit explained

Leading MEPs have appealed to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to stop blocking negotiations on a trade agreement with the EU. An agreement on a contract text must be (...)

Amendments proposed to VAT Directive for trade in goods with Northern Ireland – Brexit explained

On July 31, 2020, the EU Commission presented a proposal for a directive to amend the VAT Directive with regard to the identification of taxpayers in Northern Ireland. Unfortunately, (...)

Portugal misses recycling target – Waste policy has failed – European Politics explained

There is not enough recycling, but there are villages where dumps pollute the air. Citizens‘ initiatives are fighting against imports of waste into Portugal. Portugal misses its own goal (...)

Johnson is even less popular than Thatcher – Brexit explained

Brexit, Corona and Johnson’s unpopularity alienate the Scots from England. The future of Great Britain has never been as uncertain as it is now, experts say. When Boris Johnson (...)

McAllister calls on Johnson to compromise with the EU – Brexit explained

Negotiations on EU-UK relations after Brexit are stuck. The EU insists on the UK giving in. The European Parliament’s Brexit Representative David McAllister has called on British Prime Minister (...)

Gas dispute in the Mediterranean: the escalation takes a break – European Politics explained

Turkey is giving in and announces that it will initially forego research trips in Greek waters. However, this does not solve the complicated conflict. There were scary scenes that (...)

Brexit drama: The British should not hope for Merkel – Brexit explained

In London, it is hoped that the Chancellor will prevent a hard break with the European Union. That could prove to be a fatal misjudgment. Several weeks have been (...)

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