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Brexit: The „Church House Declaration“ – 160 MPs join to fight Johnson

Today I talk about the „Church House Declaration“, where 160 MPs join forces to fight Johnson in his plans of prorogation. That happened short after todays meeting of Jeremy (...)

Brexit: Nigel Farage is prepared for a General Election

Today I talk about Nigel Farage´s speech at a Brexit Party event, where he talked about Brexit and the Preparations of his party for a General Election. The timing (...)

Brexit: Prorogation is back on the table

Today I talk about Boris Johnson´s request to Attorney General Cox about the possibilities of prorogating parliament for five weeks. And I can´t resist to comment on the blame (...)

Is Boris Johnson to become „Mr. No-Deal“?

Today I talk about Boris Johnson´s first G7 summit as Prime Minister. Besides many important tasks of course Brexit was a big topic there. Even the night before, with (...)

Brexit: Macron crushes Johnson´s plans

Today I talk about Boris Johnson´s first visit to France as Prime Minister. He was welcomed by French President Emmanuel Macron. They both held a press conference apon his (...)

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