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Brexit: The Queen grants Johnson his prorogation

Her Majesty the Queen has permitted, that Boris Johnson prorogues parliament from September 10th to Octobre 14th. There were some harsh reaction from the opposition and some interesting reaction (...)

Brexit Breaking-News: Johnson wants to prorogue Parliament

Just a quick update on this mrnings developments as Boris Johnson reacts on the plans of the opposition with an own plan of prorogation. I spent some time in (...)

Brexit: No Deal opponents make pact to take control in parliament

Today I talk about the meeting of Jeremy Corbyn with other opposition leaders, like Jo Swinson, Ian Blackford and Anna Soubrey. They did not decide on an immediate motion (...)

Brexit: Nigel Farage is prepared for a General Election

Today I talk about Nigel Farage´s speech at a Brexit Party event, where he talked about Brexit and the Preparations of his party for a General Election. The timing (...)

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