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Boris Johnson is now risking the Brexit chaos – Brexit explained

A trade agreement with the EU is not in sight. British authorities act out the emergency – the German economy sounds the alarm. Now things could get really bad (...)

European parliamentarians are threatening to break off the negotiations – Brexit explained

Struggles and a possible violation of the exit agreement – the tone between the EU and the British in the negotiations on the future free trade agreement is getting (...)

Johnson in the House of Commons: From „Mr. Brexit“ to „Mr. U-Turn“ – Brexit explained

In the past few weeks, the British prime minister had also been sharply criticized from within his own ranks for many changes in course in the corona policy. In (...)

EU pledges € 400 million for „vaccine for all“ – EU explained

The EU wants to support a vaccine alliance with the participation of the World Health Organization with 400 million euros. Commission President von der Leyen wants to give poorer (...)

British expatriates and the anti-Brexit backlash – Brexit explained

New research shows a dramatic increase in the number of Britons who are choosing to quit the UK for countries in the European Union. Overall, the rate of migration (...)

Bargain fish – EU and UK are following a hard line here – Brexit explained

The EU and Great Britain are trying to put their relationship on a new footing with an agreement after Brexit. The fishing rights are economically insignificant, but they have (...)

Serbia buys modern air defense system in China – European Politics explained

Serbia is modernizing its armed forces, relying on two main suppliers: the People’s Republic of China and Russia. The most recent weapon purchase, as it appears in the annual (...)

Brexit’s implications for environmental policy – Brexit explained

Following the UK’s departure from the EU, the UK Government will soon be involved in a frantic series of negotiations. In this contribution, we focus on two issues where (...)

Movement of goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland + EU trade agreement – Brexit explained

The British government announces help for companies: The Trader Support Service (TSS) will assist with customs formalities. In order to prevent a border on the Irish island, the exit (...)

EU reconstruction fund rails and chairs for Italy – EU explained

Spain and Italy are the main beneficiaries of the EU’s reconstruction fund. How can you invest well? The news from southern Europe is oppressive: empty beaches in Italy, new (...)

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