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  • European Politics explained

A year after she resigned: What is Theresa May actually doing? – European Politics explained

Theresa May wanted to steer Britain through Brexit. A year ago she resigned as Prime Minister in tears. Now she could forget the dark times. In the end the (...)

On the way to joining the Euro: Croatia and Bulgaria are at an intermediate stage – EU explained

Croatia and Bulgaria are included in the European Fixed Exchange Rate System (ERM-2) – a preliminary step to the introduction of the euro. From October 1, their largest banks (...)

Belarus President Lukashenko in distress – European Politics explained

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has been at the top of the country for 25 years. But the situation for the incumbent comes to a head in the presidential elections (...)

Borisov remains head of government in Bulgaria – European Politics explained

In Bulgaria, protests against Prime Minister Boyko Borissov’s government continue. The head of government has now presented a reshuffle of his cabinet. There will be new ministers in four (...)

British Transport Minister caught cold by quarantine decision – European Politics explained

Communication within the cabinet could be better: because he is on vacation in Spain, the British Transport Secretary has to be in quarantine – his colleagues at home probably (...)

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