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  • European Politics explained

Media freedom is dying in installments in Hungary – European Politics explained

With, a news portal that was formative for its era threatens to disappear. Critical voices are undesirable in Viktor Orban’s country. Anyone who visits Hungary’s most widely read, (...)

Court in the Netherlands questions extraditions to Poland – European Politics explained

A Dutch court doubts the independence of the Polish judiciary. Now the European Court of Justice is to clarify whether EU states have to obey arrest warrants from Poland. (...)

Germany supports the registration of arms in Bosnia and Herzegovina – European Politics explained

The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Margret Uebber, signed a contract worth around 340,000 euros with the project manager of the organization “The HALO Trust”, Alexander Maier. (...)

Italy increases soldiers on the border with Slovenia – European Politics explained

In view of increasing migration flows from Slovenia to Italy, the Italian government has announced that it will send an additional contingent of soldiers to Friuli. This means that (...)

Portugal misses recycling target – Waste policy has failed – European Politics explained

There is not enough recycling, but there are villages where dumps pollute the air. Citizens‘ initiatives are fighting against imports of waste into Portugal. Portugal misses its own goal (...)

Gas dispute in the Mediterranean: the escalation takes a break – European Politics explained

Turkey is giving in and announces that it will initially forego research trips in Greek waters. However, this does not solve the complicated conflict. There were scary scenes that (...)

Sweden: Health Department as a sect? Or as the leader of the herd? – European Politics explained

Scientists criticize the „special way“ Björn Olsen, professor of infectious diseases at the University of Uppsala, criticized in the current edition of the „Summer Narration“ in Sveriges Radio not (...)

Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine want to work more closely together – European Politics explained

The Lublin Triangle is intended to strengthen relations with each other, with the EU and NATO. The focus is on security and economic issues – and how to deal (...)

Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus – how neighbors became strangers – European Politics explained

There are three countries that have developed their own dynamic – for example in Aachen or Basel. Not so the region between Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus with its eventful (...)

Turkey yes, Belgium no – How sensible is the division into risk areas? – European Politics explained

The List of risk areas is not particularly transparent. It is obviously also a political decision. For example, there is travel advice for Catalonia, but not for Antwerp. In (...)

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