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  • Brexit

The EU’s CO2 border tax – climate or fiscal policy? – EU explained

The EU wants to improve its finances by introducing a CO2 tax on imports. But in doing so she risks that the instrument will become unreliable in terms of (...)

Court in the Netherlands questions extraditions to Poland – European Politics explained

A Dutch court doubts the independence of the Polish judiciary. Now the European Court of Justice is to clarify whether EU states have to obey arrest warrants from Poland. (...)

From the end of the year, chaos threatens security policy – Brexit explained

A decision between the EU and Great Britain on security issues is not in sight. Experts have been warning of consequences since. In just five months after that event (...)

FOR THE FIRST TIME: Israeli warplanes over Germany – German Politics explained

For the first time,Israels air force will relocate combat aircraft to Germany. The Bundeswehr announced this on Thursday on Twitter. The Israeli contingent will consist of six F-16 fighter (...)

Germany supports the registration of arms in Bosnia and Herzegovina – European Politics explained

The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Margret Uebber, signed a contract worth around 340,000 euros with the project manager of the organization “The HALO Trust”, Alexander Maier. (...)

Britain has a problem called Boris – Brexit explained

Boris Johnson reacted too late to Corona. A mistake that takes revenge: the crash of the British economy is more dramatic than the slump in other countries. But that’s (...)

More refugees across the English Channel are strengthening London’s Brexit – Brexit explained

The number of illegal migrants crossing to England in rubber rafts is increasing sharply. The British government sees France as an obligation and confirms itself in leaving the EU. (...)

Corona platform for EU-German companies awarded – EU explained

There are communication problems not only with people, but also with apps. However, the corona warning apps of the EU states should be able to communicate in the future. (...)

Government: British traders should stock up on drugs – Brexit explained

The UK government has asked companies to store medicines in the event of delivery delays after exiting the EU internal market. The British government has asked drug dealers to (...)

The post-Brexit is sinking into the summer slump – Brexit explained

Negotiations between the EU and the UK on their future relationship have stalled. Time is running out and Europeans have lost interest in reaching an agreement. „The time for (...)

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