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  • German politics explained

How is a law created in Germany? – German Politics explained

Both the federal government and the Bundestag and Bundesrat have the so-called right of initiative – the right to submit a new law to a vote. Since the founding (...)

FOR THE FIRST TIME: Israeli warplanes over Germany – German Politics explained

For the first time,Israels air force will relocate combat aircraft to Germany. The Bundeswehr announced this on Thursday on Twitter. The Israeli contingent will consist of six F-16 fighter (...)

Trump’s new man in Berlin appears like the destroyer of the West – German Politics explained

Douglas Macgregor not only has something against Muslims, Trump’s new man in Berlin also believes that the Third Reich played a crucial role in the defense of the West. (...)

Senator criticism of Trump: „This is a slap in the face of Germany“ – German Politics explained

President Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Germany has also met with criticism in the United States – and not just among the opposition Democrats. Congress could still stop (...)

The new Bundeswehr volunteer service „Your year for Germany“ – German Politics explained

German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer presented the new voluntary service in the Bundeswehr. Their goal: „Promoting cohesion – that’s what the Bundeswehr is all about.“ The new service is (...)

More highly qualified people come to Germany – German Politics explained

In 2019, the number of highly qualified immigrants – academics with a job guarantee and minimum salary – continued to increase. Most went to Bavaria. Last year, more highly (...)

USA threaten German Nord Stream 2 contractors – German Politics explained

The construction of the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline has long been a thorn in the US’s side. Now they are increasing the pressure on German and European companies (...)

Demand for new Asylum Policy will have impact on Chancellor Succession – German Politics explained

Sometimes slaps come as surveys. It goes without saying that, for Angela Merkel, it is at most unpleasant that five years after her “we can do it” sentence, a (...)

Politics explained – Measures ordered by the German government to fight the Corona Crisis

In this episode of the series „German politics explained“, I give you a overview of the measures taken by the German governments in the corona crisis they ordered the (...)

German politics explained #10: The Borough Council of Muenster North and its work

In this episode of the series „German politics explained“, I give you a tour to the location of my Borough Council. I have been elected into it as a (...)

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